Editorial in Harrier Magazine: ‘HHH See Red Over Theft of Heritage’

HARRIER Magazine (formerly Asia-Pacific Harrier Magazine) is published quarterly both online and as a beautiful glossy edition with a worldwide curculation. The focus, as you might expect, is squarely on the international running movement known as the Hash House Harriers.

In 1987, a young lady wearing a red dress emerged from an airplane that had landed in southern California to visit a friend from her high school years. Shortly thereafter, she found herself transported to Long Beach, where her friend intended to introduce her to a zany running group called the “Hash House Harriers.” One member, noting her gender and attire, urged that she “just wait in the truck” until her host returned. …

An editorial in the October-December 2010 issue takes exception to groups that conduct their own Red Dress Run events, without any involvement from the Hash House Harriers. The title of the editorial is appropriately, “Hash House Harriers See Red Over Theft of Heritage.” Indeed, the appropriation of such a well-established part of the Hash House Harriers identity is appalling and can only be called theft (actually, Hash House Harriers typically have a wide-ranging vocabulary and can call it many more things).

The Hash House Harriers enjoy common-law protection for the phrase “Red Dress Run” with other legal protections in place and still more in process. The Hash House Harriers qualify as the world’s largest running club.

Read the Harrier Magazine editorial in its entirety HERE.

Information on subscribing to the print edition of Harrier Magazine may be found HERE.

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