The Top 10 Red Dress Runs of 2014?

2014-Top10-RDR TinyUPDATE: November 18, 2013 — Nominations are now closed. Thank you everyone who sent in nominations. If you don’t see your Red Dress Run previewed in Harrier Magazine, perhaps you will see it posted on this site, or on our Facebook page.
Help us determine the TOP TEN Red Dress Runs in 2014!
Send a G mail (That’s G as in Gispert) to RedDressRuns.
Tell us why your Red Dress Run will be special. The TOP 10 will be written up in both Harrier Magazine – International Edition and
The Red Dress Run must qualify as being within the Lady in Red Circle of Honor (it must benefit a charity in some way, per The Lady in Red’s original request in 1988, and of course it must be a Hash House Harriers event. But the rest is up to you. What makes it a do-not-miss event?
Don’t wait, let us know as soon as possible.
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