An invitation to Alaska in 2015

 ALASKA IS KNOWN FOR ITS VAST WILDERNESS, extreme climate conditions, and its beautiful but deadly wildlife. But since 1995, the expanses of Alaska and her wildlife have been no stranger to the Anchorage Alaska Hash House Harriers (A2H3). A2H3 is one of only a few kennels in Alaska and definitely the most active. Hundreds of Saturdays a year, A2H3 battles the Alaskan shiggy, whether it’s extreme cold, monsoon rains, deadly mud flats, angry moose or hungry bears.

Alaska Interhash2015-3Some noteworthy unique annual events are, CAMP HASH and 12 Beer Checks of Hashmas. Every two years, so semiannually, takes place the Great Alaskan Interhash. This is a 3 to 4 day event that includes several trails that offer only the best in Alaskan shiggy. In the land of the midnight sun, hashing can happen literally 24/7 with little to no visual impairment from darkness, for the sun will shine down all night for hashing shenanigans. Visitors are treated to Alaskan hospitality which means food and beer. Not just any food, everything from halibut, moose, and caribou to king crab, salmon, and even bear.

The beer is in a class all its own. The kennel has several homebrewers who always offer up a large selection of sacred nectar. Plus, the kennel is sponsored by Midnight Sun Brewing Company, the second oldest brewery in Alaska. Quality craft brews and home brews surround every activity during the Great Alaskan Interhash.

The annual Red Dress Run is a major event every year; however, it is always done in coordination with the Interhash every other year. The 2015 Red Dress Run is aiming to be one of the biggest events in A2H3 history. The run will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Alaska RDR cheersFor those who want to experience hashing in Alaska first hand, this is the event to attend. The Red Dress Run offers a tricky trail that will allow you experience a little of everything Anchorage has to offer. Start saving your hash cash now for the 2015 Great Alaskan Interhash which includes the 2015 Red Dress Run. For more information on the Anchorage Alaska Hash House Harriers, visit our website

Alask RDR trainON-ON,Alaska RDR IMG_0093

Popeye’s Bitch


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5 Responses to An invitation to Alaska in 2015

  1. Jabber Wookie says:

    A2H3 does it right!

  2. Higgins says:

    Where can we register? The A2H3 website point here for more info.

  3. Michelle. (Order in the C) says:

    How much is the rego for the inter American hash 2015. Trying to get a group together from El Paso Texas.

  4. @Higgins, Registration will be through HashSpace with links from this site, our kennel's site, and facebook once it is ready. We will aim to have registration up and running around July, about one year out. The cost in the past was around $60 to $90 for all four days of shenanigans and swag. I hope this helps!

    Popeye's Bitch

  5. $60-90 for moose, halibut, 24/7 sun and drinky drinks you can't get in the blower 48? Oh and leave camp and hash if I remember? I am on my way now! (Wait, will I make it in time?) on and on and on, Our Bloody Bitch

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