Red Dress Run policy change

As it begins its fifteenth year (in one incarnation or another), is making a small but significant policy change to listings in Upcoming Red Dress Run events.

As of January 1, 2015, to be considered a legitimate Red Dress Run event (and thus be listed), one or more charities will be supported. This is in addition to the qualifier that it must be a Hash House Harriers event. In fact, the Hash House Harriers enjoy legal protections for the phrase “Red Dress Run.”

Happily, this policy change will only impact a small handful of events out of an estimated 100 Red Dress Runs held around the world each year.

The policy is consistent with the request made by the late Lady in Red at the very first Red Dress Run in 1988. The very public nature of the Red Dress Run serves as an ideal way to give back to the communities in which we serve.

Hashes support charities through the Red Dress Run in a number of ways, including enabling voluntary contributions during the registration process, setting aside a percentage of the registration fees, collecting from bystanders during the run, donating in-kind contributions (such as cans of food), holding raffles, and so much more.

Individual hashers can take a principled stand for this hallowed tradition by participating only those Red Dress Runs that support a charity. Better yet, become involved in the process of transitioning event to a legitimate, charity-supporting Red Dress Run. We don’t put an emphasis on rules in the hash, but we do share decency, humanity and respect for traditions and fellow hashers.

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