In honor of The Lady in Red’s birthday, a never-before-told story

April 19, 2016
— Today would have been The Lady in Red’s 60th birthday had she not been taken from us less than a week from celebrating her 57th birthday. Perhaps you’ve heard the story about how she accidentally inspired the world’s first Red Dress Run.

What you don’t know is that it very well could have been a Pink Dress Run!

Set the Wayback Machine for Scottsdale Arizona in the year 1987 … She had recently purchased two dresses identical in every way except for the color; one was red, the other pink. She consulted her children as to which she should wear on an upcoming trip to visit a former high school classmate in San Diego. “Red,” was her son Jeff’s emphatic response. The matter settled, she boarded her flight wearing the red dress. Her luggage was lost and rest is a matter of hash-story. When you think about, we all might be running in pink dresses had not young Jeff decided otherwise.

Raise a glass today in honor of The late Lady Red’s birthday!

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