The Lady in Red named ‘Hash Hero’

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The Lady in Red, who in 1987 inadvertently set the groundwork in motion for the very first Red Dress Run in 1988, has been named a “Hash Hero” by Harrier Magazine in its October-December 2011 issue.

 The global publication selected The Lady in Red not just for helping to establish the Red Dress Run as a cherished Hash House Harriers institution, but for making support for charities an integral part of that tradition.

Charity was already a tradition in The Lady in the Lady in Red’s life. In the eighth grade, her cousin worked as a counselor for the deaf and together, they helped set up a day camp for deaf children. Later, she worked with physically and mentally handicapped and abused children. She instituted a “Teddy Bears for Kids” program as a children’s advocate. Police gave stuffed animals in situation involving traumatized children. “Charity has always been part of my upbringing,” she explained.

In explaning the magazine’s selection, editor Jim Edens said, “The Lady in Red, a true Hash Hero, has done more to promote a positive image of the Hash House Harriers than anyone in history of the sport.”

A goodwill hashbassador for the Red Dress Run, the Lady in Red still hashes and attends Red Dress Run events, prioritizing those in support of charitable causes. is honored to help her coordinate appearances upon occasion. Any Hash requesting her attendance is asked to do so at least three to two months in advance so that arrangements can be made.

Harrier Magazine, by the way, provides readers with the latest Hash House Harriers news, information, events and more. Subscription information is available here.

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