Starting in 2011, this site will take on the difficult task of trying to track the Hash House Harriers’ success in raising money for charity through the Red Dress Run. A running total of the amount raised (in US dollars for the sake of consistency) will be displayed, along with information about the causes supported.

Wellington Ladies make a difference for Cystic Fibrosis while having fun
January 19, 2011 — The Wellington Ladies Hash House Harriers held a Red Dress Run as a prelube to the New Zealand Nash Hash prelube on 19 January. Participants were asked to bring a gold coin as a donation to Cystic Fibrosis. The event, launched from the Waterloo Bar in Wellington raised NZ$340 (US$254.18) for the cause.

Sydney Hash double down in support of YOTS
JANUARY 29, 2011 – The Sydney Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run on 29 January 2011 doubled charitable efforts from last year, raising an impressive AU $4592.75 to be donated to Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets (YOTS). Each of the 70 participants (every one of them a vision of beauty in red) donated $8 to raise $560. They multiplied their efforts, thanks to the generosity of the onlookers they encountered, who donated an additional $4,032.75. In total, the Sydney Hash were able to donate $4592.75 (US $4537.21). Congratulations and well done to all who made this possible.

The Island way of saying ‘hashers care’
The Aloha Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run (February 12) and the Honolulu Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run (February 15) were held to raise funds to benefit Hospice Hawaii. They raised a combined total of $860 in memory of dearly departed hashers Dave “POM” Lomas and Dave “Big Wave” Lynnfor, who both utilized Hospice Hawaii’s services.

Red Dress Run Relief for Christchurch Earthquake Appreal
Starting from the Ghandi statue in front of the railroad station, an intrepid group of approximately 30 hashers ran through the streets of Wellington on on Friday 18 March 2011, clad in red and black dresses. The Wellington Combined Hash House Harriers Red (and Black) Dress Charity Run raised more than $7000 NZ (more than $5265 USD) for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. A 6.3 magnitude earthquake on February 22 caused severe damage and tragic loss of life in Christchurch, New Zealands second-largest urban area. The hashers’ effort shows that they embody the spirit to rebuild the city and return it to [their version of] normal.

Fresno Clovis Hash House Harriers make a difference in the fight against breast cancer
In the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley of Central California, the Fresno Clovis Hash House Harriers proved that they could make a difference. Their Red Dress Run raised $300 through registrations to build a future of more breast cancer survivor success stories and keep their community focused on the problem.

The Nicosia Horrible Hash House Harriers raise funds for the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society
Nicosia, Cyprus – The
Nicosia Horrible Hash House Harriers honored hash tradition on May 7, 2011 by holding a Red Dress Dress Run, raising funds for a good cause in the process. “We raised 90 EUR (US $128) from the run fee and donated that to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society,” said Insatiable Thirst. “One of our long time hashers recently died from cancer after a long battle.”

According to Insatiable Thirst, for the first time, the trail took the hash on both sides of the divide during the same run – in red dresses, no less. “The same day, the Home for Cooperation were in the midst of their three-day opening celebrations and that’s where some of us ended up on stage singing ‘In Mobile,’” he said, adding that it was captured on video. While has not seen the incriminating video, we can share a link to photos of the NH4 Red Dress Run.

 Tucson Hashers Come Together -in Red Dresses

Trolley ride to the bar

July 9, 2011 – The jHavelina Hash House Harriers of Tucson, Arizona honored and remembered first responders and victims of the January 8, 2011 tragedy in Tucson.  An intrepid 109 participants ran in one of the hottest Red Dress Runs the streetsof Tucson have ever known. With the help of local businesses the red-clad Hash House Harriers raised $750 to donate to the Tucson Together Fund. Administered by The Community Foundation for Southern California, the Tucson Together Fund is the only officially sanctioned fund established to assist victims, families and witnesses of the January 8th tragedy in Tucson. Join in the fun with the jHavlina hashers at next year’s Red Dress Run!

A six-month anniversary ceremony at the memorial concluded the event







Las Vegas Hash Bets on Red

Now in its eigth year, the 2011 Las Vegas Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run was a success by any measure. If you ask the 350 hashers who traveled from all over America to attend, the event has earned a “do-not-miss” status.

Not only was the event fun, but it raised $1,500 to be donated to Safe Nest, a local charity operating the only 24-hour emergency shelters in the Las Vegas for the safety of battered women and children. Safe Nest was established in 1977, and is the oldest and largest domestic violence program in Southern Nevada, offering not only shelter but counseling as well.

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  2. Harriette says:

    May 7th in Montreal Red Dress Run part 1 for Cancer, we raised at the bar after the run with different activities such as chair massage, silent (it was really silent) auction and other amenities 5000$ for the Greggybear Team.

    Poke Me and Long and Gooey shaved their heads before the run to donate their hair for cancer patients and have raised nearly 2000$ in the process to have a final run on June 19th in Ottawa

    ON ON!

  3. Lost Boy says:

    Birmingham (UK) Hash House Harriers held their first Red Dress run on Saturday 11th February 2011. There were about 30 hashers on the day including 1 baby in a pushchair!

    It was run around the canals & Birmingham City Centre – over £150 ($236) was raised on the day.

    For all of the pictures go to: & look in the Gallery at the Red Dress Run set.

    Or, try this link:

  4. The earthquake was certainly one of the most tragic events within the last couple of years. The Red Dress run has done amazing work in raising funds to help the cause.

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